Netflix – Must see

Yesterday I asked for Netflix recommendations on Instagram, and you guys were amazing! Lots of good suggestions. So many, I thought I would share them on my blog, in case you also need Netflix- inspo.

So… Let’s start with the shows you recommended, which I have already seen, but I agree with the recommendations: The Crown, YOU, Black Mirror, Vampire Diaries, Messiah, Stranger Things & Love is Blind. -All good TV shows, very different kind of shows, but all worth seeing, depending on your mood.

Yesterday I ended up watching: The Stranger, after recommendation from Lauren (fit_as_schlitt). The Stranger is a British mystery thriller. Safe choice for someone like me, loving more or less everything British and a big fan of thrillers. Great show, 8 episodes, and I saw them all in one day…

The Stranger – Netflix original

Today I will watch: On my Block and/or Dark. Maybe I start them both? Not being able to go outside or having friends over, my life is more or less: food, books and Netflix these days… (Don’t judge!)

Other recommendations from yesterday, which I haven’t had time to see yet, but definitely will check out, is: Quarter life crisis, The Witcher, Altered carbon, Dead to me & Mindhunters.

If you’re in scandinavia reading this, or you can watch scandinavian series with subtitles, I’d like to recommend the Norwegian/Swedish/Danish drama thriller: Svartsjøen (The Blacklake). 8 episodes you’ll end up watching in one go! I promise you!

Svartsjøen – Viaplay Original

I love all your recommendations, and I’m so so happy no one recommended movies/ shows with Jim Carrey or Rowan Atkinson in them. That would not go well with me… Sorry, not a big fan of either…

Thank you for all your great suggestions! If you come up with more, or maybe you know some good movies worth seing, please let me know, comment below!


New favourite

First of all, THANK YOU, to Antonia for being so so sweet. Sending me card and a present for the new home. Such a nice gesture!

Also the present actually being the best thing ever:

The book: “The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse” – written by Charlie Mackesy

This is the sweetest book. So simple, so right. Motivational and emotional. Perfect present, perfect reading, one page a day. I love it!

Of course also loving the illustrations.

I had never heard of this book until Antonia told me I had to buy it. She knows me, this book is perfect for me and also I’m so bad at online shopping, she knew she would easily buy it and send it to me before I would get myself together and buy something (anything) online!

So here it is, my new favourite book. My daily motivational if you’d like. I read one page every day. Just because it’s cute! This is real life cutenesses, love and friendship, touching on difficult feelings through life. The combination is probably why I like it so much.

– Therese