UK + Sadness = Gym

I can tell I’m getting closer to my “1 year living in Norway anniversary” by the sadness I feel. I miss London like crazy, and missing my heart even more!

It’s hard to explain, cos I still think my decision of moving back was the right one. And life in Norway is so much better than life in London. But I still feel like I left a huge part of me, in the UK. Hence my sadness…

Like most things, I know this sadness will pass. And being sad is really just a waist of time. But while feeling down I’m super happy I have my gym to go to!

If I didn’t have gym as my distraction I would probably be home feeling sorry for myself, right now! (Let’s be real) Gym is the best distraction, the best mood booster out there. Do you know what I’m talking about? Of course you do!

…and if you don’t: Next time you’re feeling down, go for a walk. Run, swim, go to the gym. Any activity will make your body happy and mind distracted! It works! With a 100% guarantee

– Therese