I’m still learning

I once saw this saying: “You will get there. But right now you are here. (and here is wonderful)”

I liked it, saved it and never did anything to it. Until I visited the US last week when this saying came back to me. And I love it even more this time around!

Being in the US, I only had internet when connected to WiFi. Which made me so so stressed in the beginning. I’m not gonna lie, I automatically looked at my phone 110 times just by old habits, and it also took me some time to relax not being online.

But what it thought me was the importance of being present right here, right now. It made me realise how much time I spend on my phone or even just waiting for things in general. Why waist so much time waiting for what’s coming, when you can enjoy and make the best of what’s here right now?

After a few days I lowered my shoulders and started to breath normally again! It felt great!

I’m the kind of person who love to plan things, I’m a big dreamer, always have something to look forward to. Which is great! But I wish I was (and will try to be) better at enjoying the time I’m in right now. Or being more present when with my loved ones. Also when dreaming or planning I always want things to happen right now, preferably yesterday. I need to learn how to be more patient. Only this way I can look back and say “Yeah, I remember that moment!”

– Therese