I finally got to do this – Day 10

I try to be creative with things to do alone in a half furnished flat… And I don’t want to focus on the negative or all the scary things with the situation we’re in. So here we go, a post about the things I finally got around to do in my flat now when I have time. More than enough time…

Happy plants!

1. I started off like everyone else: By cleaning. Amazing how many rabbits you see when you’re home, midday and the sun is up…

2. Clothes, I have too many and never anything to wear. I had to do something before the situation got out of hand. So I did. Now I have too many and nothing to wear, but at least it’s all organised and I know where to look for them all!

3. I finally got around to put the bedroom curtains up properly. Amazing what some velcro can do! Do you like it?

(top picture being before, bottom picture being after)

4. I must admit, I’m not very good at using recyclable bags for food shopping. I used to be amazing at it in London, but ever since coming home to Norway I’ve lost that habit. So I end up with a mess of plastic bags in my kitchen drawer. Well not anymore! All folded to small triangles. Taking up less space, giving me peace at heart.

Why don’t you try it?

5. Ok, so question for you. How often do you clean your green plants? I’m not talking about dusting them, but proper clean each leaf? Do people do this? Anyways, I did. 5 years till next time!

…it was about time

6. Talking about plants. Yesterday I took all my plants on a little day trip to the windowsill to get some sunshine! They love me for it and in return they grow strong and stay green.

8. I put a label on it! I’m a little less than 2m tall. (Just about)…. Being 1.63m, having 2m wardrobes it leaves me with no control of what ends up on top of the wardrobe. Well, until today! All baskets got labels on them. Labels I can reach without standing on my tiptoes, making my life easier.

9. This week I also got to tidy my nail polish box. Throwing away the old colours and seeing which colours I had doubled. You know I have a thing for nail polish, and I always do my own nails, so I think I deserve a good selection of colours. Don’t you?

10. Time to make playlists! Since I don’t have a TV and I live alone, it can get too quiet in my apartment sometimes. The solution is of course music. (Always!) But I’ve now got to the point where I’m tired of all my regular playlists and I’m in desperate need of new music. So there you go, today’s project: Creating playlists for myself.

I realise this is not the most exciting blogpost you’ve ever read, but this is how my days are these days… And I did keep you occupied for some time there, didn’t I?! Hehe… So, what do you do at home these days? I could need some new ideas for next week…. Let me know, comment below!

Thank you and take care!


“All the feels”

Right, today was day 6 of my “stay at home-don’t be with people-pretend you’re on a holiday at home-quarantin” … You might have seen yesterday’s post on Instagram?

And I’m hoping I’m not the only one with mood swings these days? Well, some people may say this is normal being me, but just ignore them. (Ha ha)

Yesterday was a strange day emotionally and I think the whole situation hit me a little extra for some reason. It even hit me so hard I dreamt of it last night. I dreamt I was going back to work after a long time in quarantine. I was happy and ready to work, when someone entered the building telling me this wasn’t my job anymore. The building was sold and would be made into a gym/ travel agency….

I sure hope that ain’t true by the time I come back to work. But it tells me how much I miss going to the gym, how much I miss moving from a-b and how much I miss work. Sure hope this world will go back to normal soon…

How are you doing? How do you fill your days? I’m especially thinking of you who are living alone and in a quarantine… Cos wow… Turns out you can have too much “me-time”!


Oh happy day(s)

It’s been 4 days since I received the keys to my new place, and I’ve never seen money leave my bank account this fast ever before!

Partly because I’m buying everything new, partly because I’m so impatient I have no time for waiting around… Note to self: “Maybe one day learn how to be patient. Until then, keep doing you!” (And that’s what I do)

Home loading…

I’ve painted two of the tree rooms, I’ve ordered furnitures where I need to order. Others I’ve already collected. I’ve started to empty my container with stuff (yes, I actually have all my belongings stored in a container somewhere, since my move from the UK to Norway) and I’ve also started unpacking in the new apartment! All at once in only a few days! You’re safe to say I’m a bit all over the place…

…and where I’m not, my sister is!

I also have something new (and very exciting) to share with you.. But this I will save for another time. I’m having so much fun these days, I’m almost afraid I’m having too much fun, something might go wrong… Right, I can’t think like that, and I can’t sit around! Up I go, another wall to paint! Speak to you soon

– Therese

I feel the pressure

(My very own pressure)

I’ve just packed my first bag for my new home. I have a plan for what to do the next couple of days and I know I’m in no hurry. But I’m still so excited I want to do it all at once! Preferably yesterday…

I’m getting the keys to my new home tomorrow.

My absolute favourite – Unknown owner

The pressure of making this “the perfect home” is high! Not from anyone else, than from myself! I have so many ideas, so many things I like, I know the vibe I want and I know what colour scheme I like… I want my home to be calm, modern, industrial and warm. A place for social happenings, but also “me-time”. I want my friends to come knocking on my door, nephews to stay over and parents to be proud.

But most of all I want a place of my own, a place to call home. I’ve been out there searching for my home for so long. I’ve found it, but at the same time not. This time I hope to stay for a while.

These inspirational pictures of how I want my living room-vibe to be, might tell you more about me and “my style”.

I’ve had a crush on this home for a long time, finally found the home owner:

If you follow someone, if your style is similar to mine, or you know who’s homes I’ve posted pictures of, please let me know! I need all the inspiration I can get and I just love discovering new “interior professionals” !

Excited for tomorrow… I probably won’t get any sleep tonight.

Also: My sister tells me I can’t have a brown sofa… Head over to my Instagram and say your opinion on which sofa to chose! It’s in my story and deadline for ordering it is 4pm tomorrow! Please leave your vote!

– Therese

New York is…

I can’t believe my week in New York is coming to an end. It’s been all I hoped for and more! Here’s a short summary of my impression of New York for you.

New York is…

…what you’ve seen on TV
…new adventures around every corner
…fun (and cold)
…so much, of everything!

New York is something for everyone! I’m pretty sure you can’t get bored in this city… I’ll definitely be back at some point. But for now: Good bye!

– Therese

I surrender

I’ve had it coming for a few days, but I didn’t want to admit it. I was thinking it would go away if I just ignored it. Turns out… I was wrong! The New York cold got me…

So today I decided to take it slow, stay in the area, see a few things nearby and do a tiny bit of shopping. I had to find something for my nephews back home, as my auntie-heart is missing them too much!

So, first thing on today’s program: The Flatiron Building

This is such a cool and at the same time beautiful building. I could not stay in NY without seeing this. Unfortunately the building is going through some refurbishment, so most of it was covered in scaffolding. But I could still see it’s beauty!

From there I wanted to go see the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. Two buildings I thought I hadn’t seen yet…

Empire State Building

Turns out I’ve seen both of them earlier this week! I just forgot… My hotel is located in the perfect walking distance to all these buildings and to Times Square. Which makes it easy being a first time tourist in New York City!

The Grand Central Station with the Chrysler Building in the background

I wanted to see the Chrysler Building with all the lights on, so while I was waiting for the dark to come, I visited the Grand Central Station. I’m telling you, walking into this stations is just like walking into a movie you’ve seen a 100 times before! It is so beautiful and such a strange feeling. Can we call it a deja vu? I don’t know.

Even in the middle of this amazing city I am looking forward to coming home to my new apartment now. I think I’ve decided on all the colours for my walls already. Can’t wait to show you! I’ll soon be seen in overalls and with a paintbrush in my hand. Wait for it. Just wait for it!

– Therese

The Vessel and the 9/11 Memorial

Another tick on my list!

Of course I made a list. I had a list of what to pack, for things to prep, for clothes to wear. So of course I had a list of things to do and see in New York too! You know me…

The Vessel was actually among the top things I wanted to see. So, first stop today was this beautiful thing:

My favourite kind of modern art/architecture is when design and function come together as one, creating something interactive. Just like this masterpiece of a staircase!

You can go all the way to the top, seeing the city from different heights and different angles as you go. I love the idea and I was very tempted to go up there. But I had so many plans for today, I just knew I wouldn’t have enough time for it all. So I stayed on safe ground… Can you see me:

Me x 3

Another piece that had a big impact on me today, was the 9/11 Memorial:

Such a beautiful, but also a very sad piece

I have of course seen pictures and videos on TV of the towers, the attacks and of this memorial. But it was very different being here today, in real life. Seeing the size of this and reading all the names written along the side.

Almost 3000 innocent people were killed in this place, so the peaceful water sinking in to the big black hole in the middle is (to me) a very strong symbol of what happened that day, in 2001.

Sad, but beautiful. I’m glad I got to see this.

Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow, but I have a few things in mind. I just hope I get more sleep tonight than last night. I love being in the US, but sleep have been a struggle from day one. And still is!!

If I don’t get a full night sleep soon, I won’t pass the passport control on my way home… Currently carrying the biggest bags under my eyes, not looking like I did when I arrived here. Damn jet lag, huh!

– Therese