Wall by wall I cover it all

I can finally say I’m done painting my home. The last and final room became green today, and I’m super excited about the colour!

Living room

My original plan was a darker green. But I changed my mind, to allow for darker interior. And to avoid the walls taking all light away from the room.

“Lady kalkmaling”

This was my first time painting with charcoal paint. And I think it turned out pretty good…! It was important for me to create texture in the room so I chose short strokes with a wide paint brush, in every angle. Funny how the colour look SO dark when wet, but turns a lot brighter when dry. The wet paint on the left side of this picture is pretty close to the colour I originally had planned. But now when I’m done, I’m happy I chose the colour I did.

Another great thing with this paint and my plain boring white walls, is that I only needed one coat to cover it all! Amazing for someone like me who has no patience at all…

I’m very happy with the result. Only minus now is the wait for my sofa… Still one more month to go… I feel like a child waiting for Christmas!

Until then I’ll just sit here, enjoy my coffee and adore my new green walls. Happy Sunday!

– Therese

Status: First week homeowner

Ok, so I asked and you answered. Here’s an update on my first week as a home owner!

I’m so excited about finally creating something of my own! I’ve been renting for so many years, it feels great to own something again. I can finally do what I want, put money into it and feel like it’s worth it!


This week started in the hallway. I’ve only painted the walls here, since everything else is new and how I like it. Easy!

Of course I will have to buy furnitures for this room and the connected walk-in, but I’m still unsure of what I want, so I’ve decided to leave it for now.


Room two was the bedroom. Probably the room I was the most excited about, because I had such clear image in my head of how I wanted this room to look. I don’t want to share too much at this point, but at least this way you get a feeling of where I’m heading.

That said, I looove the double glass doors! This means I can wake up in the morning, stepping straight out onto the balcony for my morning coffee… Seriously considering keeping my Nespresso machine in my bedroom from now on!

Living room

The living room is still very much in progress. I’m waiting for the sofa to be delivered on April 1st (oh-oh… Don’t let it be a joke!)

I should probably let you know, I ended up changing the colour and fabric on the sofa. So the brown and the dark grey are both out… Sorry to everyone telling me I had to go for one or the other colour! I went for a third option.

The change of mind on the sofa also meant a change of paint in this room. Therefore I’m now considering waiting to paint this until my sofa is here. Just so I can see it all together. What do you think?

Since this picture was taken I’ve installed sun blinds in the living room windows, finalised the dining area, moved aaaaall my boxes out of storage and had lamps installed. Last night I even spent 3,5 hours putting drawers together (hate!), as a result of a 4hrs long shopping trip to Ikea on Thursday. I love Ikea. I just don’t love putting the furnitures together when I get home.

“Bye, bye storage”

Today I’ve emptied my storage container for all my belongings, on my own! I saw it as a great workout, now my back don’t necessarily agree…

But the storage is empty, my apartment is full and the day of moving inn is getting closer! Maybe I can move inn already this coming weekend?!

Until then, I will try to keep you posted. But I find myself so excited, I forget documenting the things I do, I just want it done. Now.

– Therese

Oh happy day(s)

It’s been 4 days since I received the keys to my new place, and I’ve never seen money leave my bank account this fast ever before!

Partly because I’m buying everything new, partly because I’m so impatient I have no time for waiting around… Note to self: “Maybe one day learn how to be patient. Until then, keep doing you!” (And that’s what I do)

Home loading…

I’ve painted two of the tree rooms, I’ve ordered furnitures where I need to order. Others I’ve already collected. I’ve started to empty my container with stuff (yes, I actually have all my belongings stored in a container somewhere, since my move from the UK to Norway) and I’ve also started unpacking in the new apartment! All at once in only a few days! You’re safe to say I’m a bit all over the place…

…and where I’m not, my sister is!

I also have something new (and very exciting) to share with you.. But this I will save for another time. I’m having so much fun these days, I’m almost afraid I’m having too much fun, something might go wrong… Right, I can’t think like that, and I can’t sit around! Up I go, another wall to paint! Speak to you soon

– Therese

I feel the pressure

(My very own pressure)

I’ve just packed my first bag for my new home. I have a plan for what to do the next couple of days and I know I’m in no hurry. But I’m still so excited I want to do it all at once! Preferably yesterday…

I’m getting the keys to my new home tomorrow.

My absolute favourite – Unknown owner

The pressure of making this “the perfect home” is high! Not from anyone else, than from myself! I have so many ideas, so many things I like, I know the vibe I want and I know what colour scheme I like… I want my home to be calm, modern, industrial and warm. A place for social happenings, but also “me-time”. I want my friends to come knocking on my door, nephews to stay over and parents to be proud.

But most of all I want a place of my own, a place to call home. I’ve been out there searching for my home for so long. I’ve found it, but at the same time not. This time I hope to stay for a while.

These inspirational pictures of how I want my living room-vibe to be, might tell you more about me and “my style”.

I’ve had a crush on this home for a long time, finally found the home owner:

If you follow someone, if your style is similar to mine, or you know who’s homes I’ve posted pictures of, please let me know! I need all the inspiration I can get and I just love discovering new “interior professionals” !

Excited for tomorrow… I probably won’t get any sleep tonight.

Also: My sister tells me I can’t have a brown sofa… Head over to my Instagram and say your opinion on which sofa to chose! It’s in my story and deadline for ordering it is 4pm tomorrow! Please leave your vote!

– Therese

1 long flight, 7 more sleeps

My time in NYC is coming to an end. But this only means I’m closer to being a home owner!

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about going home from a holiday before…

Right now the rain is poring down outside and I’m in bed with a fever. So what else to do than to plan interior details for my new home, right?

You might remember my grey kitchen:

I’ve decided I want olive green walls together with a few white walls in my kitchen/living room space. since the kitchen is brand new, I’m not gonna make any changes to it. Except from the kitchen backsplash… I’ve got to do something there! But what?

Picture from: Drømmekjøkkenet

I’m looking for inspiration, and I looove this marble backsplash… What do you think? Would it look strange with the white backsplash and the black counter top in my kitchen? I really love the white on white in this picture…

Picture from: Drømmekjøkkenet

Or would I want tiles similar to this? I’d like a smooth surface, easy to clean. And I also like the industrial style. White tiles would go with the remaining white walls, and would help keeping it light(er) in the room. But I feel like everyone has these train tiles these days…

Picture from: Norema

How about grey on grey? To keep it simple? I just don’t want things to get too dark. The apartment is not that big, so I need to keep some of the room-feeling…

Picture from: Drømmekjøkkenet

What do you think? Which option do you prefer? Any ideas out there? Tell me, tell me! I’m all up for suggestions…

– Therese

Nytt år, ny uke, nytt boligkjøp!!

Planen for i dag var enkel: Dra på jobb, kjøp deg en bolig, dra på trening, og dra hjem for å pakke til USA.

Jeg fikk til mer eller mindre alt. Inkludert boligkjøp! Fy fader jeg føler meg heldig akkurat nå… Og jeg vet at jeg har sagt det før, at jeg har kjøpt bolig. Men denne gangen er det ingen forkjøpsrett og kontrakten signeres i morgen. Så denne, den er min!

Jeg gleder meg sånn til å kunne lage mat på dette fine kjøkkenet!

Det ble i Moss denne gang, og ikke i Oslo som planlagt. Men det ble større, til en god pris og helt nytt! Jeg må innse at jeg ikke hadde fått til det i Oslo. Det er nemlig ikke lett å kjøpe noe når man er alene og man ikke har noe man skal selge samtidig. Eiendomsmarkedet er rett og slett ikke laget for single mennesker!

Bilder lånt av megler

Men nå har jeg altså fått det til! Jeg får venner og familie rundt meg, jeg slipper å bruke masse penger på oppussing, leiligheten er i sentrum og jeg kan fortsette på trening der jeg er i dag. I tillegg kan jeg flytte inn så fort jeg er tilbake fra USA! Hva mer kan jeg be om?!

Så til dere fininger i Oslo som jeg hadde gledet meg til å se masse fremover: Togbanen er i full utvikling om dagen, gi meg ett år eller to og vi har 30min mellom oss! Frem til det får vi klare oss med 45min. Det skal nok helst går bra…

Og ps. Det er bare å advare med det samme! Det blir mye interiør fremover…


Kaniner, mage, tyll og glitter

Silje ler av meg fordi jeg blir så ivrig når det kommer til innredning av bolig. Vi kan sitte på face time (hun i Danmark, jeg i England) og snakke om ett rom i huset hennes som hun skulle ha pusset opp, og dagen etter har det mystisk nok dukket opp «mood boards» på våre mobiler… Sjansen er da stor for at jeg har sittet oppe halve natten, googlet, tegnet, skrevet, og lagret ideer som jeg deretter sender videre til Silje i form av moodboard. Alt for at Silje skal bli like ivrig som meg… Noen ganger virker det!

Sånn gikk det i hvert fall da Silje ringte meg og fortalte at hun var gravid. – «Yes, nå blir det baby rom!» tenkte jeg… Og baby rom ble det!

Jeg skulle jo dele bilder av det ferdige resultatet med dere. Men dessverre ble vi ikke helt ferdig pga. mangel på gulvlister, verktøy og en manglende seng. Så det får bli med ett par mobil bilder av rommet så langt vi rakk på to dager:

For bare to år siden malte vi faktisk dette rommet blått, og lagde kontor til samboeren til Silje. Nå er hans kontorplass byttet ut med ett lyst og koselig baby rom! Jeg må også påpeke at Silje sin reaksjon når dagens rom sto klart, var LITT mer rørende enn da kontorstolen ble trillet inn for to år siden. Heldigvis…


Kjære Silje:

Nå kan du slappe av ett par mnd. før «tante» kommer på besøk igjen… Legg bena høyt og ta deg en is mens du venter på at lille N. skal vokse seg stor. Det har du så absolutt fortjent! Du stråler vennen, og jeg kan ikke vente med å se magen bli dobbelt så stor til neste gang!


Takk for meg!

–  Therese